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Welcome to WiFi Security. If you would like to know more about the importance of wireless security and how to secure your wireless network you're in the right place. Please use the following guide and the links on the left of the page to find what you're looking for. If this is your first time here I recommend starting at the "Statistics" page and working your way down through "Information", "Guides" and so on.

Home - This page.
Statistics - Some statistics I've gathered about how secure most wireless access points are.
Information - Information about the dangers of owning and operating an insecure wireless access point and how to protect yourself and your data.
Guides - Find specific directions about to help you setup and secure your wireless network.
Links - Places where you can find more information about wireless networks, security, and other important information related to computers.
About Me - More about me and why I chose to create this website for my senior project.
Contacts - How you can get in touch with me if you experience problems or have recommendations for this website.

More content added March 3rd, 2011  

I know it's been a while but I've finally gotten around to adding some more content. Check out the information page... at the bottom I've added some real-life examples of what I've been talking about. Otherwise innocent people getting burned for not having their wireless networks secured. That is the very reason why this site exists and why you should be reading it. In some cases the people even knew how to secure their network but chose not to because they didn't think anyone would even try. I'm also going to be adding some links to the 'links' page very soon so keep an eye out for some new material there. I'm also looking to get in touch with people that have wireless routers not listed on this page. I'm interested in expanding my guides section but I don't own any other routers to get the images from so I need your help! Also I always welcome emails leting me know what you think of this site.. good, bad, indifferent I want to hear about it. Thanks for visiting!

More updates done... more on the way July 20, 2010  

I've changed the name of the "How To" section to "Guides"... just decided I like the name better. Also I've changed some of the titles and wording so the site is less obvious that this was originally a class project for me. I would just like to re-iterate that even though this site was born out of necessity (for college) I am committed to this site's cause and I want to help YOU. I like a lot of different things but there's nothing I like more than helping people. I'm not making any money off of this website, it is here just for you. That being said, help me make it even more for you. Tell me what I'm doing well, what could be better, and spread the word about the website so that I can help your friends and family. Own a website? Feel free to link to my website. Own a blog? Write about me. Want to help? Send me an email. I'd love to hear from you. Most importantly, thank you for visiting! Enjoy the site.

One part done... July 19, 2010  

OK... I've delivered the first of my promises. You can now go under the "Guides" section and learn how to configure your computer to use a secure wireless network. That whole section is completed. As promised in the previous update I will be bringing you more new content as soon as possible.
I have also realized that my site gets more traffic from me than everyone else combined... if you like my site please recommend it to others! If you don't like my site please tell me why. It's very important to me to have a great website where people can learn as much as possible on how to protect themselves. Please send me feedback!

Finally... Changes! July 14, 2010  

I've been pretty busy since my last update. I've graduated from college, searched endlessly for jobs, repaired many computers for friends, and even put a new clutch in my car. Unfortunately I still don't have a job in my field (Computer Security) but I haven't given up hope. Anyhow, the changes I've made are to the "Guides" section. I've added a section to help you decide where to put your router and how to physically set it up. Also another section was added to the "Guides" page to help all of you configure your computers to use your new secure networks. The last part isn't complete yet but keep coming back, it should be there in the next few days. Also to come: I'm going to re-purpose the site a little bit. It's no longer going to be so obvious that this was my senior project because I'd like to make it less of a school project and more of a me project. Also new router configuration tutorials as I can make them. The information for other brands is a little harder to find than the ones that are already there and I hate to post a poorly completed tutorial. If you own a router that isn't listed and would like to help me obtain the pictures necessary for a tutorial please, please, please shoot me an email and I'll definently make it worth your while.

Live in 5...4... April 11, 2010  

After much hard work, several server failures, and a database that just wouldn't cooperate, the first version of the website is finally complete! It's more important now than ever that you browse the site, look for errors and report any you find to me. I need your help and only you can help me so please open the lines of communication. Any suggestions/corrections you have are very much appreciated and please enjoy the website and the knowledge it has to offer.

2010 Senior Project beta February 9, 2010  


This is the start of my senior project as a May 2010 graduate of Pennsylvania College of Technology. By the time May rolls around this website will have a lot of data about wireless networks and how to secure them. This page is intended to help members of the public secure their networks from attack.

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